About Our Program

Our Religious Education Program has Grades from 1 to 10. For Grades to 1 to 5 we use the Sadlier Parish Edition of We Believe. For grades 6, 7 and 8 we use the Catholic Youth Bible from St. Mary's Press. Registrations are in August. If you are registered in our program you will be sent the form at that time. If you are not registered, please call the Religious Education Office at 781-289-8126 and we will be happy to send you a form. When your child enters Grade 1 he/she should be registered for Religious Education Classes. Registration ends October 16 2021. 

Students who have not been baptized

We do have a program for students who are a little older and have not been Baptized. Students who are age 6 to age 13 are put in a program for a two year period. The first year they are put in a regular class. They will learn their prayers and come to Mass on Sundays. The second year they will be in a Special Baptism Class. They will learn all about Baptism and the benefits of this wonderful sacrament. They will be Baptized and receive their First Communion on Holy Saturday at Easter.


Religious Education Office:

Mayra Flores 781-289-8126      mflores@icrevere.org


Grade 1 to 5:

Classes are Saturdays 9:15am - 10:30am


Grade 1: the book has 27 Chapters. Each chapter has a specific Lesson in explaining our faith to the student. They will learn prayers, hear about the saints and of course how much God loves each and everyone of us.

Grade 2: the book has 4 Units. The students will learn about making their First Reconciliation, which is about forgiveness, and also prepare for their First Eucharist which is the receiving of Jesus into their hearts for the first time.


Grade 3: the book has 4 Units. This year they will learn about God sending his Son to open the gates of heaven for us and to help us live like his disciple did. They will also learn about the seasons of Advent and Christmas.


Grade 4: the book has 4 Units. This year they will learn about how God's Law Guides Us in our everyday life. They will learn about the Ten Commandments and the importance for us to live by these laws so that we can live a holy and a happy life.

Grade 5: the book has 26 Chapters. This year the students will meet Jesus in the Sacraments about Holy Orders and Matrimony. Students will learn different prayers, different parts of the Mass and will learn about the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Also, they will review what they have learned throughout the year.


Confirmation Course Grade 9-10


This is a two-year course that focuses on experiencing the love of God and of His Church in a student's everyday life.


The first year focuses on the love of God through a Biblical experience -- using the Old Testament, the life of Christ, and the actions of the disciples to demonstrate that God wishes to be in a relationship with his people.

The second year focuses on the love of God using the Social Teachings of the Church -- using the need for prayer, the living of a moral life, service to the poor -- to demonstrate that God exists in each person and that we are called to serve God by being at the sevice of others.

Classes are Tuesdays 6PM to 7PM starting October 5th, 2021