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The community of Immaculate Conception Parish is very glad to celebrate Mass, after the hiatus caused by the virus Covid-19. Nonetheless, we have to be careful, this is Phase 1. Please read the following instructions:

Do not come to the Church if you are sick


Wear a mask


Follow instruction of the volunteers to sit down


No congregational singing


Communicants have to receive the Holy host in their hands

Schedule of the Masses


9:00 am English

4:00 pm English


8:30 am English

10:30 am English

12:30 pm Spanish

6:00 pm Spanish

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Fr. Jorge Daniel Lazo, Parish Administrator

The Immaculate Conception Parish welcomes you!

​“One Bread One Body” with the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary we pray together to become a sign for the city of Revere of Love and Unity.

You will find here information about our parish, its programs, activities, and ways for you to become involved. If you are new to the parish, please register by coming into the office or by using the application in the copy of our parish Sunday bulletin, and join us in the celebration of Sunday liturgy. You will find a number of links to internet resources to aid your spiritual growth, to provide additional information about the Church, and that give a Catholic perspective on current events.

You will find the liturgy schedule as well as a calendar of events on the website.

God Bless,


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Sunday Masses on Revere TV


8:30 am

10:30 am

5:00 pm


9:30 am

12:30 pm


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